Madden Q&A #1

With Madden 16 fumbling around the corner, I salute Madden 15 goodbye with a video of the frequently most asked questions. If you haven’t had a chance to lay your eyes upon this video, click here to check it out!! I wanted to make a written form of this topic as well for my YouTube-video-watching impaired audience.

Question #1: When the ball is snapped, do you watch the QB all the way, or do you just stay in coverage?

You obviously want to watch the QB and be aware of scrambles, however, at the same time, you have a responsibility to play the assignment of the player you are using. Don’t use a FS in a Cover 2 if you aren’t willing to play the deep zone because you may end up hurting your team if your opponent decides to lob it deep and you aren’t present.

Question #2: Can you go more in depth on switching routes?

While “usering,” it is essential to not let your opponent predict who you are covering. In order to obtain the most success at this skill, you must consistently switch between your opponent’s receiver’s routes. Chase the WR1 around then switch off to the TE and then race to the flats to cover the RB. The goal is to stay unpredictable!

Question #3: When do you hold Y?

When my opponent snaps the ball. If you hold Y during “pre-play” you’ll just end up making defensive secondary adjustments.

Question #4: How do I user pick? Do I just hold down Y/△ or LT/L2 and Y/△?

It all depends on the situation. Generally, if you are moving around or running, only hold Y/△. However, if you are playing a little more conservative and stationary, hold both LT/L2 and Y/△. For more information about this concept, click here to check out the video I made covering this more in-depth.

Question #5: Do you hold down turbo?

In just depends on the situation. If you hold RT/R2, then DO NOT hold down LT/L2 as well. This would be counter-productive. Just like the last question, click here to check out the video I made covering this more in-depth.

Question #6: When I hold down Y/△, my player just throws his hands in the air?

This seems to be a recurring issue for last gen players. You are probably using a PS3 or Xbox 360 I assume (there’s your problem). Last gen user picking is much more difficult.

Question #7: This doesn’t really work on PS3 man, any tips?

Yeah, get a PS4. …NEXT…..

Question #8: Do you have ball hawk on or off and does it have any effect? What about strafe assist?

It’s called Ball Hawk for a reason… OF COURSE I HAVE IT ON! The addition of ball hawk a few years ago has made user picking loads easier than before. I also have Strafe Assist [OFF], Heat Seeker Assist [ON], and Switch Assist [ON].


If you have any more questions, drop a comment on my recent video, ask me through my questions form, or tag me in your question via Twitter! We are now just less than 5 days away from the release of Madden 16, and I plan to make a Madden Q&A video about once every month or two. Stay tuned for more great content on my channel and exclusive content on my website!